Want to build
smart data repositories?

It is time different people work all together

imagine deep collaboration of data scientists, business analysts,  data journalists, and data consumers

 It is time to change the approach

collect and understand the data, transform understanding into knowledge, share knowledge to augment awareness

it’s time to uniformely spread the effort among different activities

imagine to simplify the data integration leaving adequate time and budget for the data exploitation

Now Available!
datonix Free Studio

Download and start building top class repositories of data

It is a disruptive Self Service Data Preparation engine that introduces new concepts of High Performance Data Processing, Data Archiving, Data Discovery, Grid Data Unification. Thanks to our fractal technology, user can store very large data set in extremely compressed portable files in a format that we call the QueryObjects. QueryObjects are smart, efficient, fast and lean. Simply have a try and check.

datonix is 100% prodotto italiano

QueryObject™ and datonix™ are registered trademarks of datonix Spa.



Use datonix to craft Information driven initiatives

Project of the month

Organising historical data
Often it is needed a database that provides long-term historical storage of data coming in from multiple systems ERP, OSS, CRM, Legacy and Data Warehouse. Let call it the Household data set. Often it is needed a database that provides long-term historical storage of  data coming in from multiple systems ERP, OSS, CRM, Legacy and Data Warehouse.



Review of complex data

John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946)
“The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.”


use data unification to stream, process, use Big Data from sensors


datonix partners with Indigo to implement data driven Journalism

Silicon Review

2017, March

Luciano Riccio, COO & Co-founderDatonix SpA is an Italian software company established in 1998 focused since the inception in the development of efficient Data Preparation solutions. More than 20 years of R&D, based on a solid scientific background with roots in the Moscow Academy of Sciences and a history of growth in challenging markets like US, allowed us to supply Fortune 500 customers, as well as mid size organisations, with mission critical applications in markets like Telcos, Finance, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, PA, etc.


In a few weeks we deployed

in production datonix application and software



datonix reduces 
cost and complexity of Big Data Analytics

Our all in one smart appliance is a multi-istance combination of firmware, software and applications specifically designed to serve disconnected and connected users to prepare stories of data.

Host computing resources can be accurately partitioned, optimising the cost and the performances for the specific users needs.

Thanks to its algorithmic approach, datonix offers the possibility to deploy to the end users in a few clicks, a ready to be used, best of breed, easy and never seen smart data repository.

Using datonix, no longer it is needed to maintain separate islands of data mart or information silos disconnected from the BI, Advanced Analytics and information dissemination. The Data Story datonix implements will craft your Information Integration Echosystem.

Silicon Review

2016, December

The Most Reliable Self Service Data Preparation computer platform: datonixOne. “When competing, often I win because I’m smart. My machine is a powerful jewel of high pure technology.”
Luciano Riccio, COO & Co-founder datonixOne


Cio Review

2016, July

Datonix SpA makes to the list of “100 Most Promising BigData Solution Providers 2016” by CIOReview. “The companies selected for our 100 Most Promising BigData Solution Providers 2016 list are an elite group of companies whose products and solutions are changing their respective industries,” said Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIOReview.


Computergross distribuisce datonix

Siglato nuovo accordo di distribuzione con Computer Gross Giugno, 2017 - Computer Gross, distributore di soluzioni ICT leader in Italia e Datonix, realtà italiana leader nel settore della Data Preparation, con tecnologia unica ed innovativa, annunciano la sigla di...

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Data preparation for Multimedia

Recently IDC has reported that it is 4300% the CAGR of data generated by millions of sensors, mobile devices, social networks, data driven business. But what I got at the end of the day? Looking a typical workload of data IDC states we have that · 90% is dark AND...

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When elephants fly New perspectives for Hadoop data movement and remote data processing It’s a great pleasure to announce the general availability of DumbOne, our direct integration with Hadoop File System. DumbOne is the datonixOne high performance gateway for HDFS....

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Hello, my name is datonix
I was born in Italy in 2014.

When I born, my parents left me a special gift. It was the first Version of datonixOne, my machine.

It is red and fast like a Ferrari. Even if I’m young, I’m fast, I’m very agile and, not least, I am a cool driver. I love to run faster than my bigger competitors. When competing, often I win because I’m smart. My machine is a powerful jewel of high pure technology.

I love my job of making Data Science, and I’m focussed in constantly improving my machine. Recently it has been released the sixth Version. It introduces new concepts and ideas to run faster and faster.

Please do not hesitate to ask for a try, I am sure you’ll love to have it, and … Ops… do not forget to follow me on twitter, I’ll take you updated.