Getting control over CAN data

The Challenge for consumers

  • Predictive data helps drivers plan their journey
  • Cloud supply the latest map data, plus data on road and traffic conditions
  • Adaptive Cruise Control slows automatically to recommended speeds
  • Control Unit warns the driver of traffic congestion and reduces speed
  • Reduces the risk of accidents
  • Enhances driver comfort and convenience
  • Stays up to date thanks to cloud services
  • System anticipates what drivers will need next, recommends route and driving speed

The Solution

May be used by adaptive cornering lights and energy management systems

Uses real-time data to power assistance functions

Real-time data is integrated using datonix II Data Stream connection

Car in test

Days of test drive

Alea to reconciliation (sec)

daily faults in data (%)

Faster and better


http streaming can replace syslog streaming


Fractal Data Discovery enables near Real Time supervised data mining


Fractal blending enables near real time data reconciliation

  • Net Saving per TB 45%
  • Data preparation Effort Saving 75%
  • Complex query Performance improvement 80%

Extreme performances

datonixOne is a modern Big Data All-in-One computer appliance.

It is a disruptive Self Service Data Preparation platform, designed for developing top class data preparation processes, high performance Smart Data Stores to publish every-where for every-one, scalable multichannel information dissemination means, and impressive Information Identity IPs.

datonixOne is high tech Made in Italy.

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