High Tech made in Italy

Technology with style

Hello, my name is datonix and I was born in Italy in 2014.
When I born, my parents left me a special gift. It was the first Version of datonixOne, my machine.

It is red and fast like a Ferrari. Even if I’m young, I’m fast, I’m very agile and, not least, I am a cool driver. I love to run faster than my bigger competitors. When competing, often I win because I’m smart. My machine is a powerful jewel of high pure technology.

I love my job of making Data Science, and I’m focussed in constantly improving my machine. Recently it has been released the sixth Version. It introduces new concepts and ideas to run faster and faster.

Please do not hesitate to ask for a try, I am sure you’ll love to have it, and … Ops… do not forget to follow me on twitter, I’ll take you updated.


Born in USA, finalized in Italy

When datonix founders acquired QueryObject System in the 2002, they were pretty sure to have acquired a good idea with a very wrong time to market and much work to be done. To make datonix it was needed 6 years of pure research, followed by 6 years of code development. In numbers: 22 Millions Euro investment, 3.5 Millions of Lines of code developed using 400 FTE. In summary a development performance of about 5$ per Loc, and a productivity of about 40 Loc per man day. Founders financed the venture through a proper usage of European public funds, and some good transactions – some spin off and a few good OEM licensing deal.

Today, We are happy to say that datonix is totally sustained with the sales revenue.

datonix is our Big Data
All-in-One computer appliance

It is a disruptive Self Service Data Preparation engine that introduces new concepts of High Performance Data Processing, Automatic Data Discovery, Grid Data Unification. Thanks to our fractal technology, user can store very large data set in extremely compressed portable files, the QueryObjects. QueryObject is intelligent because provides instant answers to any query. QueryObject is polyhedral because can be transformed in online web services, data base tables, unlimited local Excels, WordPress sites, interactive Pdfs with just one click.

datonixOne is 100% prodotto italiano

QueryObject™ and datonix™ are registered trademarks of datonix Spa.