Recently IDC has reported that it is 4300% the CAGR of data generated by millions of sensors, mobile devices, social networks, data driven business.

But what I got at the end of the day? Looking a typical workload of data IDC states we have that

· 90% is dark AND DISTRIBUTED;
· JUST 12% AVAILABLE for business insights;
· 88% is just stored;
· 80% is recordings, PDFs and texts.

One of the main data generator are Sentient Multimedia Systems, which are distributed systems capable of actively interacting with the environment by gathering, processing, interpreting, storing and retrieving multimedia information originated from sensors, robots, actuators, websites and other information sources.

In the meantime, Data Preparation technologies have finally been recognized from the IT industry analyst community. Recently Gartner forecasted Dprep Market should reach 1B USD size by 2018. Today, Enterprises need pragmatic transformation strategies to advance goals and recognize emerging opportunities. To meet transformation opportunities, companies are introducing the data driven culture, modernizing their core infrastructure and investing wisely in new capabilities. As a result it seems that every business might be an analytics business and every user might have access to analytics to succeed. The keynote presented @ DMS2016 has explored following critical issues:

· how successfully extract, prepare and manage consistent data and multimedia content from distributed multimedia systems;
· how they will implement next generation data discovery techniques on data and multimedia content;
· how modern data science is evolving to deliver more agile and high value analytics to all users on multimedia information.

If interested, have a look to the powerpoint I uploaded in SlideShare or feel free to contact me.