Data sharing & Monetization

cost effective, ultra-performing, easy to use

Datonix™ introduces a new technology in the Data management space called Data Scanner.  It converts source data into an Object Data Store that is smart, compressed, fast and secure, it is the QueryObject™ file.

QueryObject™ is the ideal media for Data sharing & Monetization.

Introduce new concepts for Preparation, Certification, Sharing and Distribution of data repositories. 

Simplify complex data from any source into ready to be shared and to be distributed QueryObject Files

Cloud Ready


QueryObjects are Cloud Ready, they can be transparently stored and used in any cloud’s storage: File storage, Object storage and Block storage. The expected result? Data are more used, in less time, at less cost and give fun along the way.

Ready to be Shared


QueryObjects are lean, secure, portable, open to be queried, and ready to be blended with enterprise, internet, cloud, and machine data. QueryObject’s data can be queried using our high performances ODBC drivers and Rest open source API.


Accurate and Secure


datonix conversion transforms data into polynomials and keeps all the metadata and dictionaries in connected files. Once data ends up into QueryObject, they are not replicable, not readable and not changeable without permission.

Plug & Play


No import export required and easy installation. Extract virtually unlimited amounts of raw data directly from any system and format, without the need to aggregate and summarize the data.

Cost effective


QueryObject Queries don’t work in memory because all answer to all possible queries are already materialized in the QueryObject, making raw data analysis powerful and cheap.

Powerful and Fast


Thanks to our proprietary algorithmic approach, it is possible to store in the QueryObject format more data in a fraction of the storage and a fraction of time needed by others data media.

In a few weeks we have released

to production the application we needed


Datonix is part of Cloud28+ open community

Cloud28+ is an open community of cloud service providers, solution providers, ISVs, systems integrators, distributors, and government entities dedicated to accelerating Cloud adoption around the globe.

Available NOW! The Data Scanner for Oracle

Companies are increasingly requesting the creation or upgrade of platforms to receive, deliver and share data as a service. Today those platforms are mostly based on DBMS. Oracle is the recognised leader in this market but it is very expensive.

Empower Hadoop data hubs

It’s a great pleasure to announce the general availability of the Hadoop Scanner, our direct integration with Hadoop. Using Hadoop Scanner, now available for Cloudera distribution, it’s possible to scan HDFS data sources in a few clicks.

CIO Review’s 100 Most Promising

Datonix SpA has been included in the CIOReview selection of the “100 Most Promising BigData Solution Providers 2016”. According to Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIOReview, “the companies selected to be included into our list of the 100 Most Promising BigData Solution Providers 2016 are a group of elite enterprises whose products and solutions are changing the BigData market”.

Silicon Review

datonix most significant differentiator with competition is the Arithmetic Data Complex algorithm [ADC] that allows the conversion of a data table into fractal fragments for ultra-fast computation. With the ADC datonix presents a new technology in the  Data Management market: the DATA SCANNER


datonix software technology comprises software engines, probes and drivers ready to be embedded in any DATA SHARING infrastructure.

Together with the technology we distribute software modules and applications that allows to quickly jump-start your project.


Sharing data using ODBC
Our fractal engine successfully converts data from a variety of systems into QueryObject files. QueryObject can be accessed using ODBC or linked to any standard data Gateway.
Currently are available SCANNER for Oracle, PostgreSql, Splunk, File System, Hadoop, and MONGO


Sharing data using Excel

According to IDC, number of Excel users in Europe is 5,5 Miu. In addition, IDC reports that it is 5.5 € Billions the overhead costs due to Excel’s performance issues. Our AddIn for Excel allows Data Profiling and Exploration on tables bigger than 1 million rows on disconnected mode right on your PC.


Sharing data using REST

Connect the data supplied by the QueryObject ; charts, tables and text will be created and updated automatically!

datonix Free Studio

Download, and start archiving your data now!

Datonix introduces new paradigms for the processing and the management of data. Try our engine to store large data set in a small file, the QueryObject. QueryObject introduces a data format efficient, fast, light, safe and portable.

QueryObject archives can be queried by any application.

QueryObject™ and datonix™ are datonix SpA Trade Marks.