more then 3/4 of the data processing effort is spent for data acquisition and preparation


Not enough time to analyze, search for related data and trends, write the storytelling

datonix makes it easy

to build and publish repositories of data

It happens addressing 4 points


Deploy satellites of data hubs
The point where we differ from our competition is that we materialize data and meaningful patterns in a fast, lean and portable data format, the QueryObject file, offering transparency and complementarity with respect to the mainstream commercial data base solutions. So that, at the end of the day, the deployment of datonix will result in

Fast and inexpensive usage of data


Explore data and patterns
Excel, Excel, and Excel
Exploration of data and related patterns will be easy, powerful and fast. To serve data analysts, that use to work in disconnected and in workgroup, we have created the capability to profile, explore, and blend large set of data using Excel. Imagine to move our QueryObject file to a Ms-Windows workstation or server. Imagine to open the QueryObject file using Excel, having this way the possibility to operate on unlimited rows and columns using the power of Excel. It will take few minutes using the datonix solution, and user will implement an

extremely cost effective usage of data


Process, Archive, Move
Make actionable information
take everything that you capture and ask: Is it actionable? datonix will scan everything you capture. Then it will perform automatic Profile of data and Discovery of all the meaningful patterns using fractal based technology. Everything is stored in a lean and fast disk file that you can move easily to the end-user, bringing this way

Raw data close to the end user


Put it where it belongs
put data on the right media. Adequate information dissemination might be multichannel and multimedia. The same content should be available instantaneily over different devices, desktop, tablet, smartphone through different channels, for example Rest data services for data scientists or web app developers, odbc connections for BI and database architectures, professional multimedia data stories for your management. Look over your actionable information as often as necessary to trust your choices about reviews, quality and accuracy in order to

take appropriate actions with confidence.

What Google tells to us

During the last 12 months, the “data sharing” term has reached a visibility comparable to the “data integration” term.

Customer case and domains of application

Thanks to its unique features, our solution has been used in a wealth of applications such as Cloud migrations, Review of large set of data, IOT, analysis of flows, reconciliation of BigData, test of hypothesis on distributed large dataset, Data Warehouse optimization, Business Intelligence, recognition of similar records, consolidation, master data management.

Logistic, Procurement, Network, CRM, Finance and Administration, Marketing, Planning and Control, Security, Sales, Assurance are the most common domains of data successfully processed using our solution.

Product has been commercialized directly or through partners to Telcos, Media, Manufacturing, Public Administration, R&D Institutes.


We’re here to help you

We have created a bridge between our R&D lab and your needs. Our datonixCare program covers maintenance of our tools, remote and on customer site support services, training, development of: – pieces of technology, – modules of applications, – complex data processing plug-ins, – custom multimedia charting shapes, – conversion of R scripts in high performances C modules, etc.


Now Available!

datonix Free Studio

Download and start building top class repositories of data

It is a disruptive Self Service Data Preparation engine that introduces new concepts of High Performance Data Processing, Data Archiving, Data Discovery, Grid Data Unification. Thanks to our fractal technology, user can store very large data set in extremely compressed portable files in a format that we call the QueryObjects. QueryObjects are smart, efficient, fast and lean. Simply have a try and check.

datonix is 100% prodotto italiano

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