Once your data are prepared you can understand How-much, When, and What.

At that point, to address the Why factor, some additional work is still required

business model?

OEM, Cloud, On Premise, Pay per Use… or would you go Custom?

We do not force any “Predefined Schemas”, we create hyper-convergence.

datonix innovation?

datonix introduces a new technology for Data Preparation. It is the Data Scanner.

It converts input raw data into an Object Data Store that is smart, compressed, fast and secure.

Our mission

We simplify complex data into lean, quickly readable,

and portable data set files.

datonix introduces new concepts for Preparation, Sharing and Distribution of data repositories.
Using datonixOne it is possible to convert input raw data into a SMART DATA STORE, the QueryObject Dataset.

QueryObjects are lean, secure, binary portable, open to be queried, and ready to be blended with dark data, internet data, cloud data, and machine data. 

QueryObjects can be queried using our high performances drivers and API. In addition, thanks to our Gateway QueryObject can offer transparency with respect your data base or ODBC solutions. So that, at the end of the day, the use of datonix will result in

Fast and inexpensive usage of data

The result

Data are more used, in less time, at less cost

and give fun along the way.

Now Available!

datonix Free Studio

Download and start building top class repositories of data

It is a disruptive Self Service Data Preparation engine that introduces new concepts of High Performance Data Processing, Data Archiving, Data Discovery, Grid Data Unification. Thanks to our fractal technology, user can store very large data set in extremely compressed portable files in a format that we call the QueryObjects. QueryObjects are smart, efficient, fast and lean. Simply have a try and check.

datonix is 100% prodotto italiano

QueryObject™ and datonix™ are registered trademarks of datonix Spa.