Once you have the data you can understand how-much, when, and what. At that point, to address the why factor, some additional work is still required.

Business model

DATONIX enables the implementation of hyper-converged data sharing to provide specific value to the Chief Data Officer, the CDO.


Easily share large quantities of data to enable ultra-scalable ENTERPRISE DATA SHARING hubs with outstanding data processing performances. With datonix it is not any longer necessary to undertake costly and complex projects for data sharing.

Say hello to the  Data Scanner
Today, data hubs are full of data, and analytics are doing well more then ever. Organizations depend on shared data to create new opportunities and streamline business operations. Unfortunately, traditional data sharing practices are cumbersome, time consuming, and static.
If data remain stuck in silos, much value may never get shared.
We introduce new concepts for Preparation, Sharing and Distribution of data repositories. We convert data from traditional Media (File System, Data Base, Streams, etc.) into a new Media ideal for Data Sharing, the QueryObject.


datonix efficiently operates with two separate engines that read and process data with smart adaptive strategies.

Once processed, input and output data are stored on disk in a file that is compressed, encrypted, portable and queryable, the QueryObject.

Thanks to very efficient multithread algorithms the processing time is very short even for large volumes of data or when computing resources are limited.  

The QueryObjects can be queried locally or remotely by any DBMS, BI and Advanced Analytics tools, and C, Java, Ruby, Php, R and Python programs.


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exceptional #DataCompression

native #BinaryPortability

highly efficient #FractalProcessing

#DataIntegrity embedded

availability of #ContentSecurity

 automatic #Anonymization and #Subsetting 

#DataConsolidation and  #Lookup at 0 CPU time 

#DataAggregates keyback to #RawData



Lean Technology

Simplify or Eliminate Database Duplication

Automatic Data Sync

Wide Choice of Data Delivery Solutions


Infrastructure Downsizing

Embedded Security and Data Anonymization

Full Isolation of Data Sources, non Repudiation

Multichannel Provisioning


Use Transparency: Nothing New to Learn to Use

Connected and Local Access

Profiling, Data Exploration and Discovery with Any Tool

Unlimited Scalability

datonix Free Studio

Download, and start archiving your data now!

Datonix introduces new paradigms for the processing and the management of data. Try our engine to store large data set in a small file, the QueryObject. QueryObject introduces a data format efficient, fast, light, safe and portable.

QueryObject archives can be queried by any application.

QueryObject™ and datonix™ are datonix SpA Trade Marks.