Once your data are prepared you can understand How-much, When, and What.

At that point, to address the Why factor, some additional work is still required


business model?

OEM, Cloud, On Premise, Pay per Use… or would you go Custom?

We do not force any “Predefined Schemas”, we create hyper-convergence.


datonix innovation?

datonix introduces a new technology for Data Preparation. It is the Data Scanner.

It converts any input raw data into an Object Data Store that is smart, compressed, fast and secure.


Plate your data as a pro

Best of breed tools to prepare data stories yourself

Need custom versions?

Extreme tailoring! We develop background solutions just for you

We take care of you!

We don’t sell tools and leave, we make it working

Our mission

We simplify complex data into quickly readable

and portable data set.

The result

Data are more used, in less time, at less cost

and give fun along the way.

Our product is called DatonixOne

It is an “All inclusive” 

self service plattaform useful

to build top class data repositories.

datonixOne introduces new concepts for Self Service Preparation of repositories of data.
Using datonixOne it is possible to convert input raw data into a SMART DATA STORE, the QueryObject Dataset.
QueryObjects are lean, secure, binary portable, open to be queried, and ready to be blended with dark data, internet data, cloud data, and machine data. 
QueryObjects can be used using our high performances drivers and API. In addition, thanks to our Gateway QueryObject can offer transparency with respect your data base or ODBC solutions. So that, at the end of the day, the use of datonix will result in

Fast and inexpensive usage of data

We are made this way

DatonixOne architecture is conceived to execute processing of your data, and Publishing of materialized data processing outputs in just two steps and a few of clicks


take everything that you capture and ask: Is it actionable? datonix will scan everything you capture and automatically will Profile your data. Then it will perform Discovery of all the meaningful patterns.

Exploration of datonix findings and original data scanned will be easy and fast. It will take few minutes, do it now asking for a free trial, or put it on a list to do when you can.


Put it where it belongs
put data on the right media. For example create unlimited Excel for analysts, Rest data services for data scientists or web app developers, odbc connections for BI and database, professional polimedia data stories for your management.

Look over your actionable information as often as necessary to trust your choices about reviews, quality and accuracy. Use the system to take appropriate actions with confidence.

data processing details

In the Data Preparation step, Raw data sources from Management Information System (MIS), Technical Operation System (TIS) and Social & Internet Sources (SIS) are connected to be submitted for preparation.

datonix performs an interesting Data Preparation since automatically scan Raw data and executes Fractal Data Processing to automatically perform Data Discovery creating this way the Analytics related to the Scanned data. As a result Raw data and related Analytics are materialised on disk in a single Data Set named QueryObject.

Once data are this way processed, QueryObject is posted in the Datonix File System and requestor of the data processing is noticed. During the above process, datonix automatically produces a couples of interesting Profile and Exploration reports. It is also possible to enrich and apply Reviews, Adjustments and Fixes. Once data are reviewed user can request to publish its QueryObject and related Web Services to start with the next step.

Datonix is an efficient Data Lake Satellite.
It can connect to any source for loading the QueryObject at the maximum speed,
and-or for executing canonical or custom data processing

publisher details

The Publisher has been conceived to guarantee the highest collaboration between professionals committed to the development of a BIGDATA application

Once QueryObject has been registered for networking, user can select HOW-TO use the data. In fact, data in QueryObject format can be automatically used as they would be:

· An Excel work sheet,

· A REST data service,

· An info graphic at high graphical performances,

· A narrative report in ppt, doc, xlsx or pdf format,

· An active dashboard for BigData,

· An DBMS ready to be queried table,

and, finally, high performance interfaces for Php, R, Python, C, Java application are available as well through our Rest data service.

4 packaged editions of datonix are available:
Windows:  the ideal solution, certified compatible with Windows 10 and Internet Explorer 11, for processing large amount of data on your PC, desktop or Windows Server
M series:  our midrange server appliance. Available as physical or virtual appliance
System:  the edition for using full datonix capabilities at enterprise level
Cloud:  datonix is available on Microsoft Azure and HP Cloud28+
To fit at the best customer requirements, we also offer the possibility to implement, deploy, and maintain customized white label Version of our software. All datonix products are covered by a lifetime warranty


Have an All-inclusive tailored product
Improve performances over costs
Combine enterprise, internet, dark, machine data
Track data adjustments, fixes and reviews
Couples summary and detailed data in real time
Best of breed in data classification
Simple language for professional charting
Connect to cloud-based services through open APIs
Process meters for infonomics and accounting
Hadoop and Data Base transparent gateways
Transparent HTML 5 – SWF device support
Pure Grid Data Unification
Web 2.0 data services in 1 click
Powerful WordPress interfaces
Unlimited data in MS-Excel
MS-Office automated storytelling

QOHPDG, Query Object High Performances Data Gateway, is a collection of drivers directly connected with the Scanner Engines.

The following standard Data Gateways are pre-installed in the appliance:

  1. HDFS mount NFS
  2. DropBox and Google Drive NFS mount (* Available in V. 6.0)
  3. Oracle OCI
  4. ODBC
  5. Hive
  6. Flat, Csv, XML, Json File
  7. http/sftp remote Flat, Csv, XML, Json File
  8. REST Streams

Datonix Tech Services unit develops special probes and data gateway on Customer/Partner request.

Personal Edition Demo

In the stream, they are presented key features of the datonix Personal Edition data scanner.

The action of opening a data set with Excel fails when more than one millions of records have been loaded. Excel results the message “File not loaded completely” and open the worksheet with the records loaded, that is one million forty-eight thousand records.

Let overcome the issue converting data into our QueryObject file and opening the QueryObject using the datonix Excel Explorer plug-in.

Now Available!

datonix Free Studio

Download and start building top class repositories of data

It is a disruptive Self Service Data Preparation engine that introduces new concepts of High Performance Data Processing, Data Archiving, Data Discovery, Grid Data Unification. Thanks to our fractal technology, user can store very large data set in extremely compressed portable files in a format that we call the QueryObjects. QueryObjects are smart, efficient, fast and lean. Simply have a try and check.

datonix is 100% prodotto italiano

QueryObject™ and datonix™ are registered trademarks of datonix Spa.

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