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Now available! The Oracle Data Scanner

Companies are increasingly requesting the creation or upgrade of platforms to receive, deliver and share data as a service. Today those platforms are mostly based on DBMS. Oracle is the recognised leader in this market but it is very expensive.

High cost of Oracle does not limit its adoption as an Enterprise Data Sharing Hub when the data domain are mission critical. In fact, it is well known the fact that mission critical Data Sharing cannot be based exclusively on Open source software (Hadoop, Spark, MySql, etc.) and or low cost storage e.g. Object Storage. In those situations, the presence of an high performance Data Base Software or Appliance is  often mandatory.

The Oracle Data Scanner of Datonix offers costs reductions and scalability options.

The Data Scanner serves one or more Oracle instances. It connects to Oracle and Scan queries that are complex or has issues resulting QueryObject Scan Data Sets. QueryObjects can be accessed using the QueryObject ODBC driver, or the datonix REST provider. IN addition they can be connected to Oracle DBMS as a db link in trasparency.

Using the above strategies the number of Oracle cores can be reduced resulting more power at less costs.

For more information download the powerpoint¬†[download id=”9579″]