Web Analytics

Web Analytics is the collection, measure, analyze and reporting of a certain website data in order to understand customer numbers and behavior and improve the lead generation.


Data Collection

Monthly automatic data acquisition from datonix’s Google Analytics

Data Preparation

Definition of the data architecture and data normalization into Analytical models

Data Exploration

Analytic process to discover all the business questions. Ends with the Excel Dashboard.

Data Storytelling

Results are played online through our data journalism platform

Worldwide Overview

Country per sessions.

Barchart overview of the Sessions by Country

Subcontinent per Sessions.

Barchart overview of Subcontinent per Sessions

From the above charts we can see how mostly of our sessions comes for Southern Europe. Italy, Germany and UK are the Top 3 countries, as always. Really interesting numbers coming from Poland and Brazil, an absolutely new entry in our Top 10 scoretab. We should absolutely generate more lead from Arab Countries, since the market is growing up.

Trend Analysis & KPI

Monthly Trend Analysis

Linechart representing Sessions, Users and New Users monthly trend.

Quarter Trend Analysis

Linechart representing Sessions, Users, and New Users trend during the quarter.

Numbers are going down in the last three months. Must absolutely generate more users and sessions, since we’re about to launch the new website soon.


Some numbers in depth



New Users

Total Users


Compound Monthly Growth Rate

This KPI represents the actual Growth Rate of a certain measure in a period longer than one month






New Users


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